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Long Beach, California

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In fact, Long Beach is a very colorful city. There are both rich areas, and very poor, marginal. Walking, you can wander into a luxurious, clean quarter, after some time get into a dirty and unpleasant place for walking.
First of all, Long Beach is, of course, a port city, which has a strong impact on the economy of the entire region by ensuring the work of virtually the entire local population. A huge amount of cargo, estimated at several hundred million dollars, passes through the city every day.
In terms of tourism, Long Beach is slightly inferior to other California cities. However, here you can also find attractive places for the place. For example, the Pacific Aquarium, which is one of the largest in the country in terms of the number of marine flora and fauna representatives living here. The exposition is divided into 7 zones, each of which tells about the underwater life of a particular region of the Pacific Ocean. Some pools are open, and visitors are even allowed to gently touch the ocean inhabitants. And also on the territory there is a huge aquarium with sharks of different types and sizes, for which it is very interesting to watch.
After you become acquainted with the marine life of the seas, you can spend time alone with art at the Long Beach Art Museum, which takes place in the old mansion of Elizabeth Anderson. The museum presents a small collection of author works by Californian artists of the last century. Nearby there is another museum dedicated to contemporary Latin American art. He is called: The Museum of Art of Latin America is, by the way, the only such institution in the western states, which is dedicated exclusively to the Latin part of the United States.
You are fabulously lucky if you find yourself in the port city on Christmas Eve. On the neighboring island Naples, which is not difficult at all, on Christmas holidays, residents decorate their houses, competing with their neighbors in extravagance and expressiveness, so the streets are so dressed up that walking around them, it seems that you find yourself in a fairy tale. The island pervades many canals with pedestrian embankments and millions of mansions on them.